First Official TNT this Thursday!

Hello, friends! Start practicing your latte art pouring skills, because this Thursday (3/20), it’s finally here! We will be holding our first official Thursday Night Throwdown at Octane at 9PM. For the official rules (which you are encouraged to go through), check out the Rules post. It’s going to be awesome! There will be an iPod Shuffle in the pot this Thursday too! But more on that later…

Here’s the general idea. At 8:00, an announcement will be made to come sign up. You’ll pay 5 bucks, and you’ll receive a number which will correspond to your name. You’ll be able to sign up until about 9. There’s a limit of 20 people, though, so be careful not to wait until the last minute. At 9, the throwdown will commence. You’ll want to keep an ear open, and try to be up by the counter about 1 or 2 numbers in advance. But we’ll call out your number to let you know what’s going on. The reason you’ll be audibly referred to by your number is because the judges will be not far from everyone, and will be able to hear names, if we call out names there could be questions about the judging being slanted, and we want the judging to be without bias. (On a side note, if you’re interested in judging, be at Octane around 8:20 or so for a calibration, you’ll earn 10 bucks in Octane credit for judging!)

Moving on…

You’ll get 3 minutes to have a completed drink on the submission saucer (that’s a weird name). You can pull multiple shots, but in my personal experience of ‘throwing down’ you probably won’t need to adjust the grind or anything, even though you’re allowed to if you want.

Once you pour, and you put your drink on the submission saucer, a photo will be taken, and then an officiator (probably our beloved M’lissa) will carry the drink to the judges, who will judge it based on the judging criteria, which is in the official rules.

The person with the most total points wins the pot. And this week, our debut week, an iPod Shuffle will be thrown in to the pot from one of our sponsers, Ripple!

And that’s not all. While your money you won will be spent before you know it, you will be forever immortalized on The TNT Latte Art Champs Banner.

The Banner

Isn’t it rad? I’m super pumped about the banner… In any case, see those open rectangles? Each week the winners name will be put in a square, along with the date of their victory. It’s like the Stanley Cup! Only plastic… and with stickers for the names instead of being engraved…. and not a trohpy….. but still rad, right?

So come out and have some fun and get to know your fellow baristas/coffee enthusiasts. It’s going to be super fun.

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