Minor Rules Update

So our first TNT has come and gone, and it was amazing. Thanks again to everyone who came out and traveled both short and long distances. It was great to see the new and familiar faces all hanging out together and sharing a common bond of love for coffee. M’lissa and I are extremely pumped and grateful.

As it was our first official time of going through the whole thing, we learned a great deal about how the whole process flows, and we wanted to clarify a few things that we didn’t clarify as much the first week.

First off, we’re adding the following section in the Rules: “In order to participate, the competitor must have experience with espresso preparation and the equipment used to do so. In addition, the competitor must have experience pouring milk based beverages.” There will be a person at all TNT’s to show people how to use the La Marzocco Linea that Octane has, but we just want to put that in the rules so people aren’t caught unaware when they come out and realize what will be required of them to pour a latte.

There’s also one more addition: “If the competitor is not happy with his or her pour, then the competitor can choose not to submit it for scoring, by notifying an officiator.” In throwdowns all over the world, it is perfect acceptable to dump your own pour if you’re not happy with it. We’ve all screwed up pours before, and even the best have dumped theirs at some point.

We also wanted to highlight this section: “A selection of mugs will be provided for the competitor to choose from, but the competitor can bring his or her own mug of choice, as long as it is solid and non-patterned and has no logo or brand.” If there’s a mug you practice with, feel free to bring it! I know that when i pour latte art, there’s a specific kind of mug i like best and i get my best results with, and we want to encourage you to pour your best possible.

We’re going to have the rules printed out next time for everyone to have, but we want to strongly encourage you read the Rules post on this blog before coming out next Thursday. There’s a lot of useful information and tips to help you do your best pour possible.

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