TNT Tomorrow (and also important announcement)

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! It’s been a crazy month, and even crazier week. Half of the Octane crew just got back to Atlanta after having an awesome week at SCAA/USBC. Lots of fun and excitement, but i think we’re ready for things to return to normalcy for a bit.

First off, there will be a TNT tomorrow night! It’s an extra special one, because it will be M’lissa’s last TNT as she is moving across the country soon! So come out and say good-bye and give her some love!

And now for the important(ish) annoucement…. Thursday Night Throwdown, starting tomorrow, will be happening once a month as opposed to weekly. The upside, however, is that they will be way more intense, the pot will be bigger, and very possibly there will be additional prizes thrown in. It’s going to be super awesome!

Keep checking back for more updates as the details come together. See you all tomorrow!

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