The Sixth Throwdown (a.k.a. Good-bye Coffeeboss)

First off, let me apologize for the painfully long gap between posts. I’m sorry. My excuses are as follows: (1) SCAA/USBC required a lot of recovery time, catching up at work, etc. and (2) my computer decided to fail completely and erase my hard drive, causing me to loose a lot of stuff/everything. Now on to the post….

The Sixth Throwdown was a bittersweet one, because it was the last day of Octane’s beloved Coffeeboss, my dear friend and TNT co-founder, M’lissa, before her and Chris (my latte art sensei) moved across the country. It was an exciting contest, as both M’lissa and Chris competed. M’lissa’s pour was good, but she knew she could do better. My memory sucks, and this throwdown was a while ago, but i believe Chris went last. In any case, he killed it, proving he is a master of his craft, and now his name is on the banner forever.

However, let the record show, M’lissa was awarded an honorary “Coffeeboss Bonus Pour” to submit for judging, even though it wouldn’t count. She tied (down to the half point) Chris’s score. So even though Chris’s name is on the banner, M’lissa is up there in spirit. And whatever is Chris’s is M’lissa’s anyways, right?

I had a super cute picture of the both of them which i was going to post here, but as my hard drive decided to end it’s life you’ll have to pretend.

{imaginary cute picture of Chris and M’lissa}

We’ll miss you guys!

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