Tomorrow (July 10th) probably will be the best TNT yet!

We’re still working out some last minute details, but here’s a few reasons this TNT will be the best yet.

Judging sponsorshipsCounter Culture, Batdorf and Bronson, and Everything Coffee & Tea are going to be our judging sponsors, which means each month we’ll have consistent, top notch judges who’ve gone through an extensive 18 week training course on how to judge latte art…… well, not really, but they’ll be all calibrated and make everything run even smoother!

Prizes for Top 3 – First place will still get most of the glory, but 2nd and 3rd will no longer walk away empty handed! Some local restaurants and shops that are good friends of Octane’s are offering up some gift certificates as prizes for the runners up. And let me tell you, all these places rule, and i’m more than a bit jealous that i won’t be able to win them.

There’s some other small changes that we’ll be making that’s really going to make the event a lot more exciting for the competitor and spectator. I can’t wait! You guys are going to love it! See you tomorrow!

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