The Eighth Throwdown

What a great TNT this was! We changed around the format just slightly (see previous post) and it really made things run a lot smoother and also more exciting! A great time was had by all.

The Primavera crew was in town again from Birmingham, and they were back with a vengeance, talking the top 2 spots. Andy Lee, defending champion from last month, came in 3rd winning himself a $25 gift certificate to one of my personal favorite restaurants, Six Feet Under. Andy is fan too, and actually told me before hand that he hoped he got third.

Second place wasn’t too shabby either. Brian Wilson scored a $25 gift certificate to 1FiveO, which is a rad little boutique (like a independent Urban Outfitters) across the street from Octane and a $15 gift certificate to Spoon (killer Thai place).

First place, of course, was the most glorious, and especially so this time around. Brett Burton reclaimed his title that he first got back in March at the very first TNT. Pretty much amazing. He received the pot plus an iPod Shuffle from our platinum sponsor, Ripple.

Here are this week’s champs. Enlarge the picture to see how amazingly horrible my handwriting is on the envelopes. (I really miss M’lissa… she used to do that so well…)

2 Comments on “The Eighth Throwdown”

  1. m'lissa says:

    I miss you too!

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