The Tenth Throwdown

I said it would be the stuff of legend, and i was correct. It was a star-studded affair to say the least and in the end i think it’s fair to say, everyone had a blast! And we even had live video up on the screen this time thanks to Crystal Bryant! She’ll also have another awesome TNT video for us soon.

So with heavy hitters such as Scott Lucey, Heather Perry, Stephen Morrissey, Ellie Matuszak, and more it was going to be a tough road to the top. But with 22 competitors, in reality, it was anyone’s game.

Early pours by Andy Lee and Katie Duris were staying on top of the leader board until Heather Perry poured.

Katie’s pour

Heather’s pour

Despite the poor quality of the photos, both pours were definitely top quality worthy of top spots. For the rest of the night it was Heather’s competition to loose. A couple kind of close calls, but Heather’s pour held up as number one…… that is, until Octane’s own John Cole, competitor number 22, last of the night, got up to pour…..

Unfortunately, my camera battery died, so i had to take a picture with my phone, but this was John’s pour.

Again, horrible picture, but great pour. So great that it barely edged out Heather’s score that had been up for most of the night. It was a dramatic finish, needless to say. Here is the victorious John Cole, iPod and all.

Here some more random pictures from the festivities courtesy of my other Half of Team Coffee at Octane, Danielle Glasky.

The Champion of the World himself, Mr. Morrissey

Scott Lucey: WI in the house. He finished 3rd!

Cindy Chang judged so David Lamont could pour

Peter G. threw down!

Thanks again to everyone who came out! You guys are all awesome and made it a most memorable TNT. Oh, and thanks to Counter Culture for donating some delicious coffee to our top 3 winners! See everyone next month!

::Update:: I had Katie’s pour listed as Heather’s pour for a sec, i fixed it. Also, more TNT photos by Curt!

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