Hiroshi rocking the TNT shirt from Japan!

So if you don’t know who Hiroshi Sawada is, he is one of the most beloved people in coffee right now. He is the current Millrock Latte Art Champion and he hails all the way from Osaka, Japan. He’s been coming to Millrock for the past 8 competitions now, and from what i understand has only reached the finals twice, and never placed…..

That was until this past Millrock in Seattle where Hiroshi took first place! Being the awesome guy he is, he donated his $5,000 winnings to CoffeeKids. It’s fair to say that the entire international coffee community was cheering when they found out Hiroshi won. I think right behind Michelle Campbell, Hiroshi is everyone’s favorite coffee person.

Here he is with his super cute son chillin’ in the TNT shirt, all the way from Japan. (Thanks, Matt!)

2 Comments on “Hiroshi rocking the TNT shirt from Japan!”

  1. Kylene Compaan says:

    So where do I get one of those shirts?!

  2. Ben Helfen says:

    We’re selling them here at Octane (www.octanecoffee.com)! If you live far away, we’ll hopefully have an online store up eventually.

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