The Eleventh Throwdown

I was curious to see how big this TNT would be seeing as last month was so epic. No dissappointment here! It turned out to be huge! 18 competitors, which is the biggest TNT yet, after our big party last month. And along with the $90 pot and the iPod Shuffle (provided by Ripple each month) being awarded to first place, Badorf & Bronson threw in $50 gift card to everyone’s favorite record store, Criminal Records! This month was by far the best first place prize we’ve ever had. But who would be victor?

It started off with bang, with TNT veteran Chandler Rentz busting out this killer pour. Look at that contrast! Beautiful.

A little later, the Octane boss-man himself, Tony Riffel, tried his luck with a pour. He gave Chandler a scare, but when the scores came back, it was only enough second. Would it hold?

With just a few competitors left, Matt Davis, another TNT veteran, made everyone think that he might have just knocked Chandler and Tony one down in the standings with this pour, but alas he came up a mere half point behind Tony!

And that’s how it ended, with the first pour of the night holding down first place through 17 other competitors. In a few past TNT’s, the last pour has been a dramatic finish making it to first, but not tonight. It was nice, actually, to the see the opposite. So you see? It doesn’t matter what number you draw! There’s no bad numbers!

Congrats to Matt, Chandler and Tony! Here’s a photo of the happy winners:

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