The Twelfth Throwdown

I never noticed how bizarre the word “twelfth” is. So weird.

In any case, this month TNT was super exciting as always! Batdorf and Bronson generously beefed up the pot by adding $50 to it for a total pot of $110! Pretty amazing. Also, we had Mike Landman, from our sponsor Ripple, MCing the whole night, and i’m pretty sure everyone will agree with me when i say that he did an amazing job. Definitely better that i could do, or have done.

There were a lot of first timers and a lot of veterans this go around. Setting the bar high with the first pour was Octane’s own John Cole, who is a past TNT champion.

john cole pour

John knew he’d have stiff competition with his fellow Octaner (and three time TNT champ), Josh Flail, who came out of retirement since his last win back in April. As if latte art were as simple as breathing, he poured this:

Josh pour

Now i’ve poured a fair amount of latte art over the past couple years, and like to think of myself as someone who is pretty good at it, but the idea of going head-to-head with Josh is scary. I think he’d embarass me. It’s crazy how consistent he is. With this pour Josh was seemingly untouchable.

Chandler Rentz, last months winner, tried to defend his title with this pour:

chandler pour

It wasn’t enough for first, but it was enough to tie John for second! Pretty intense.

There were a lot of very solid lattes tonight and Danielle Glasky had facing an almost invincible pour by Josh. Danielle has competed in all 11 previous TNT’s and always gotten so close, yet not quite there. With all this pressure on her, she poured this:

danielle pour

Can you see the infusion on the leaves that wrap around the bottom part of the cup? That’s pretty sick. The judges thought so too. Danielle was pretty even in all categories with Josh, except Overall Impression, in which she got the highest score in any category i’ve ever seen. A 15. That means the judges scored an average of 5 out 6 points in that category. Legendary. And with those points, Danielle (my beloved other half of Team Coffee) easily claimed first.

And what a week to win! Check out the new iPod provided by Ripple!

new ipods

That’s right. Her shiny new iPod Shuffle is engraved with “I Won Thursday Night Throwdown”! Bad ass. Can i say i’m jealous i’m not eligble to win these amazing prizes? I’m jealous.

Here are the happy winners. Even though John won third on a technicality (higher overall impression score) he decided that he and Chandler are going to share his $25 gift certificate, and go on a date to Six Feet Under. How sweet! Hopefully the wife and girlfriend (respectively) don’t mind, hehe. 11.13 winners

2 Comments on “The Twelfth Throwdown”

  1. Jason Dominy says:

    Those are some sweet pours! I love the second one, but the one Danielle poured was SICK! Congrats to her! She certainly deserved it! Bout time! Hopefully I will see you guys next month!

  2. Heather says:

    Wow! nice pours! You guys are raising the bar for sure. I just wish I could have been there!!

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