In Memory of Crystal Bryant 6/27/87 – 11/28/08

crystal bryant

I remember one of the first times i had a conversation with Crystal, the girlfriend of my friend (and TNT competitor) Dustin. She’d shot footage a while ago at a Thursday Night Throwdown and made an awesome little promo video for us. This time she had this great idea to try and do live video for the big Thursday Night Throwdown party we were going to have in September. A bunch of out of town coffee people were going to be there and this would be a cool way to make it even more awesome for the special occasion. We both got really excited about it, and i told her to come in one night when i was working to figure out some details.

She came in on a Tuesday night, and i had completely forgotten about our meeting. I felt like a jerk. We still sat down and worked out the logistics, though, and then scheduled another time for her to come in so we could do some testing with the projector and computer.

A few days later Crystal and Dustin came in with a camera, and immediately my heart sank. I had forgotten AGAIN. I hadn’t brought anything and wasn’t prepared at all. The feeling of being a jerk came to me again. I apologized and asked her if we could just wing it on the day of. I knew she was a little annoyed at me, but she was still so patient and a such good sport about it. She would have been totally in line to call me out, but she didn’t. She was cool like that.

The day of the big TNT, she came in early and we got everything all set up. It looked amazing! It was so cool to have live video up on the screen. I remember just looking around and thinking how bad ass everything was. Afterward, i talked with Crystal and she seemed pretty stoked about how everything went as well. I was so thankful for all her effort i promised her that she wouldn’t have to pay for beer at Octane for a long while. She really liked the TNTs and Dustin told me she was even thinking about competing, and was getting pretty good. We had talked about doing some more cool video stuff for TNT in the future, and i was really looking forward to working with her on it.

She was really wonderful to be around and so easy to work with. I’m sad i won’t get to see her smiling face come into the coffee shop anymore, and i’m sad the world won’t get to see what an amazing person she would have become. She will be sorely missed.

Notes from Dustin

Facebook Group for Crystal

3 Comments on “In Memory of Crystal Bryant 6/27/87 – 11/28/08”

  1. Crystal's Mom says:

    Thank you for honoring my daughter! She was an amazing child. I am so proud of the many people that her short life touched.

    Crystal’s Mom

  2. cory aurland says:

    r.i.p. gurl i remember those days we went out back in tha summer of 2003 2004 at the rec center sum gud times together u made me smile all the time u were a great gurl it was sad to hear the bad news but u r in a better place ill see u up there sumday luv ya gurl

  3. Crystal Bryant says:

    I dont know your daughter,but I googled my name and this popped up. Im very sorry for your loss, she sounded like an amazing person. Hope you are well.

    -Crystal Bryant

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