The Thirteenth Throwdown

After being barely beat by Danielle last month, three time TNT champ Josh Flail was kean to make up for it this month. And he did, in a big way. He drew last, and the final pour of the night proved to be the best one by convincing margin. Josh is now the all time leader of TNT’s with 4 victories. The game has officially been stepped up a notch. Here’s some of the highlights from this month.


Danielle (who poured first) went the 5oz. route.


John went a step further and did a 3oz. macchiato cup.


Jeremiah, a TNT veteran, poured my favorite of the night. Look how it looks like it’s framed! Amazing!


Josh and his surgical precision. Who will stop him?!


The Victors: Jordan (2nd), John (3rd), and Josh (1st)

When the dust settled, i got called out on a joke i had made earlier in the week that i can’t compete in a TNT because i’d win. Well, words were exchanged, and i was told i had to try and defend my honor. Josh and I went head-to-head and eventually a Dale and a couple others joined in. Well, apparently i got beat…. lame.


My pour to the left and Josh’s to the right


Money being thrown around, lattes being poured.

One Comment on “The Thirteenth Throwdown”

  1. JJMKF says:

    I loved your post-TNT pour, Ben. I consider us latte art buddies, not competitors 🙂

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