My Pecha Kucha presentation on TNT and Latte Art

We have an event held here at Octane once a month (except during the summer) called Pecha Kucha. It’s basically a show and tell for adults. You can find out more info on the format of how these work here on their website. A few of us Octaners have done presentations at Pecha Kucha in the past. Alyssa did one for Bikes to Rwanda month on coffee from seed to cup. Danielle did one on her trip to Japan to work with a coffee roaster.

Well, to make a long story short, i got suckered into doing one on latte art a few months ago and here it is: this is a link to the Podcast in the iTunes store. Don’t worry, it’s free. I debated posting this, because i didn’t prepare very well, and i pretty much winged it. In addition, i know a lot of people are over latte art and talking about it, but as Liz Clayton would say, this was geared towards “civilians” and for them, it’s still new and exciting. Also, i feel i probably said some embarrassing things, and maybe embarrassed myself, like maybe i came off as conceited or something……. i don’t know…. In any case, there it is. Don’t judge me too harshly.

Special thanks to Tonx and James Hoffmann, who i always seem to steal pictures from. Half the photos in my presentation came from their Flickrs.

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