FNT (just for February)

So as many of you know February 12-15 is the Southeast Regional Barista Competition which will be held right here in Atlanta! In order to maximize our fun and have as many participants as possible, we’ll be holding Februarys TNT on Friday the 13th, making it both scarier and FNT (Friday Night Throwdown).

Most cool people do neat flyers and such for special events, but my plate is full at the moment, and i’m bad at deligating responsibility/at times a control freak, so as a result we have no cool flyer. Sorry if i’ve let you down.

In any case….. it’s going to be a great time, and all sorts of bad ass baristas from around the Southeast and around the country will be to strut their latte pouring skills! Be there!

5 Comments on “FNT (just for February)”

  1. Heather says:

    Yea! Thank you for hosting this event and I will be there with bells on!

  2. Branden says:

    how many people can enter this one?

  3. Broderick says:

    The upcoming event sounds great, I linked to it on my blog!

  4. Ben Helfen says:

    Branden, we should have enough room to have as many people compete as possible. We’re going to do a slightly different format to get more people in, so i think we’ll be fine.

  5. Branden says:

    awesome. I can’t wait.

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