Atlanta Baristas wanted to help make WBC awesome!

Hello, friends! As most of you know the World Barista Championships are going to be in Atlanta this year. The Barista Guild of America is creating a WBC Champ Buddy Program designed to make the world’s barista champions more comfortable here in Atlanta. Here’s a blurb from Heather Perry on it:

“The Barista Guild of America is looking for some amazing people to volunteer some time for a National Champion. The idea is to pair every National Champion with a buddy who will be available to help give them advice on where to find certain supplies, milk, fruit. Help tell them ahead of time the type of electricity we use and make recommendations on where to hot plates and so on. And most importantly, to be their buddy. To go to the Meet and Greet Party and help introduce them and to be in the audience during their competition time.”

Basically, we want the international coffee world to leave Atlanta after the WBC with not only with an amazing impression of the awesome Atlanta and Southeast coffee community, but the US coffee community as a whole! If you want to volunteer, email Heather at “heather @” and tell her you want to sign up for the WBC buddy program.

Thanks, guys! Let’s make this WBC the best ever!

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