The most intense TNT ever?

The people have spoken. There will be a TNT during WBC in Atlanta. Thursday the 16th will be the date. Still working on specifics, but there are a few things that i do know…

1. The format will be a Capp-Off. An officiator will pull a shot and split it between two capp mugs. Two competitors will stream and pour simultaneously on opposite ends of the machine. Judges will quickly decide a winner.
2. Their will be a bracket system quite similar to the NCAA basketball tournament. Match-ups will be chosen at random. Winner of first round goes to second round, etc.
3. Sign-up MAY be in advance. Not sure yet…
4. The bracket structure will allow for maximum amount of competitors, yet simultaneously not last 5 hours. The match-ups will be rapid fire.

More info to come as soon as i figure how the hell i’m going to pull this off…. hehe

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