SERBC 2011 Throwdown / Welcome Party!

February’s TNT will be coinciding with the 2011 SERBC, and Octane will once again be proud to host the event.

Since most of us will have very busy days starting on Friday, we’re going to get things started a little earlier than normal.  With that said, sign-ups will start at 7, pouring will start around 8, but perhaps sooner if we fill the competitor slots quickly.

As usual, the price to throwdown will be $5, and the winner will take home all the cash in the pot, as well as a special trophy.  Also be sure to bring extra dough for beer/wine/cocktails and your favorite bartender.

So come to the ATL February 10th, and bring your best, coffee people!

One Comment on “SERBC 2011 Throwdown / Welcome Party!”

  1. Curt B says:

    SERBC 11 TNT Throphy Preview
    I posted a teaser photo of the TNT trophy tamper. If you want to see it better, come to the TNT.

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