Spring Break 2011 TNT!

Ladies and gents, there’s so much good stuff going on at this month’s TNT.

First of all, if you’re into pre-gaming and tailgating, Aly and Julia will be outside with the grill cooking hot dogs, brats, and vegan friendly sausages out on the Octane patio!  They’ll be firing up around 5PM, and will go until the wieners run out.  That paired with a Thursday $2 draft will set the evening off right.

EDIT:  The cookout portion of TNT will have to be cancelled, but the rest of the night is still on!  Just wiener-less.  See below.

Octane has been featuring beers from the Hitachino Nest brewery in Japan during the month of April, and a portion of the sales are going to earthquake/tsunami relief.  Hitachino is actually shutting down production to produce clean bottled water for the Japanese people, so we are supporting their cause by drinking their delicious brews while they’re still available!

TNT will be hooking up with the Japan relief as well.  The standard entry fee will be $5, but any extra money donated by competitors signing up will go directly towards our donation to Japan aid.  So, bring your generosity as well as your latte art swag!  Sign ups at 8PM, pouring at 9PM, cook-outs and beer until then.  The weather will be beautiful!

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