A Special May TNT

Our Throwdown this month will be something special indeed.

If you’ve been around the ATL coffee scene for any length of time, you know of Ben Helfen, being the originator of the Thursday Night Throwdown.  You also know of the incredibly difficult situation that he and his wife Brooke have been dealing with in the birth and passing of their first son, Wolfgang.

The coffee community both here and abroad have been incredibly quick to respond with surrounding Ben and Brooke with love, as well as financial support.  Fundraising has gone gangbusters through the Everribbon site set up by Jason Dominy.  We will not be taking up any donations in place of the pot when there’s an incredibly successful fundraising method already in place.  Here’s what we do ask though:  bring your love.  We would like notes, letters, doodles, small gifts, words of encouragement, any token of love written or otherwise from all of you Atlanta TNT’ers that we can pass on to Ben and the Helfen family.

We’re going to have a good night.  We’re going to pour crazy latte art, laugh, joke, and have a great time, because that’s the way it should be.  8pm signups will begin, 9pm pouring will start.  $5 to pour.  I want to see everyone there!

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