Details for ATL vs WDC Cup Tasters

For those that are new to the way cup tasters triangulations work, a triangulation is a set of three cups of brewed coffee. Out of these three cups of coffee, two are the exact same coffee and one is different. The goal is to figure out which coffee is different and move it forward across the table. For this competition there will be 4 triangulations of coffee.

During the actual competition, 3 competitors will go at a time across three different stations (each having their own coffees). Each competitor will have up to 4 minutes to make their choices as to which coffee is different in each of the 4 sets. After everyone is finished making their choices (or time runs out), the competitors will one at a time lift their cups to see if they made the correct choices. The first factor in determining top scores is how many were correct, the tie breaker is time. For example, if Competitor A got 4 correct in 3:30 and Competitor B got 3 correct in 1:30, then Competitor A wins, because he or she got more correct even though Competitor B finished faster. If Competitor B had gotten all 4 correct in 1:30, then Competitor B would have been the winner.

The buy in to compete is $5. A maximum of 24 competitors will be able to compete in each city (total of 48 across both cities). Sign-ups begin at 7, so be there on time to ensure you will be able to compete. The winner in each city will win the pot from their respective city and the top 5 overall competitors across both cities will receive awesome commemorative extremely-limited-edition engraved cupping spoons.

Now for the ATL vs. WDC part, this will be calculated by adding together the top 5 scores from each city. The city whose top 5 have the most correct (with total time of all 5 competitors as a tie breaker) will be declared champion! This city will receive a trophy to be circulated around the cafes of those top 5 competitors, not unlike the Stanley Cup.

Needless to say it’s going to be AWESOME. If you have any questions send them either to bhelfen [at] or bduggan [at]


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