November ATL TNT: SERBC Edition

In what has become something of a tradition around these parts, this month’s TNT will coincide with the Southeast coffee family descending on Atlanta once again for the Southeast Regional Barista Competition. Thursday the 29th, right as SERBC weekend kicks off, the ATL TNT will be happening at Condesa Coffee. Sign-ups are starting at 7:00 and we’ll be pouring by 7:30-8:00. Parking is available on John Wesley Dobbs or in the Tribute Lofts parking deck (also location on John Wesley Dobbs). Carpooling is recommended.

To assure that we’re not pouring latte art until 2 o’ clock in the morning, we’re capping off the number of competitors to 32, and doing backet style single elimination. So get there right at 7 to sign up so you’re guaranteed a spot! $5 to pour. Prizes for the winner include (but are not limited to) the pot of $5 entries ($160 if there’s 32 competitors), a tin of  Variety: Gesha (a.k.a. Esmeralda), and everyone’s favorite pouring kettle that’s just slightly out an average baristas budget – a Takahiro!

And of course what’s a throwdown with free beer! Monday Night Brewing, who has quickly become many ATL baristas favorite local beer dudes, are graciously providing us with the ever-so-delicious Fu ManBrew to share with you all! In addition, Condesa will have some other delicious beers on draft, along with some wine and liquor. There will be some light munchies around, but It’d probably be a good idea to grab some grub before you head over.


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