SERBC TNT 2012 Edition!

It’s that time of the year again!

The first official party for SERBC weekend will be Thursday Night Throwdown latte art competition, hosted by Octane Coffee.  The site will be Octane’s new shop in historic Grant Park, on 437 S. Memorial Drive in Atlanta.  This spot is rather close to the GWCC and downtown, so getting there should be relatively easy.  (Don’t show up at the original Westside spot!)

The party’s going to start a little earlier than our usual Atlanta TNT’s, with sign-ups starting around 7:30 PM, and pouring beginning at 8:00 PM.  This will allow us to get things going so that those of us with early Friday mornings can get our beauty rest.  There will be a fully stocked bar with cocktails and beer specials, food from the kitchen, coffee, and whatever else that gets your party going.

So get to the ATL in plenty of time to come hang out, especially you out-of-towners, we want to see your A-game!


January TNT at Aurora

This month’s TNT will be hostly by the cool kids at Aurora Coffee on January 12th, specifically the Little 5 Points location.  The usual deal applies: signups start at 8pm and pouring starts at 9.  Bring your best gameplan to L5P and we’ll kick this new year off right!

December TNT!

November TNT at the Jane!


Throwdown for the month of November will be held at the newest Octane Coffee in Grant Park (@octanegrantpark).  The fellas will be behind the bar for your imbibing pleasure, offering up delicious cocktails and beer, and maybe even a few specials for the party, and the kitchen will be open and serving up eats as well!

Sign ups will start at 8, with pouring beginning around 9.  $5 to pour, free to hang out and watch.  Tell your friends!



September TNT @ ESS!





Whether it’s lattes or bocce, there will be plenty of ballin’ going down this Thursday.  Empire State South will be our lovely hosts for Septembers Thursday Night Throwdown, and we fully expect a swinging party.  Sign-ups will begin between 8:00-8:30 and the pouring shall commence at 9.  $5 to compete, and there will be plenty of drink specials to complement.  Follow @ESSCoffeeShop as well as @TNTATL for updates on this Thursday.  Come get classy with us!

TNT takes you back to school!

It’s been a great summer break!  Now that all the relaxing and Cup Tasting is over, it’s time to get back into that routine of pouring crazy things into espresso and consuming copious amounts of fine beverage.

That’s right, latte art TNT returns in August!  Usual gig and style, $5 to compete, winner takes all, @Octane Westside, sign ups at 8pm, pouring starting at 9pm.

Come show all your friends what you learned over the summer, or all the summer vacation rust.  Either way, just bring it!

July means Cup Taster’s TNT!

Hey all, this month we are turning the show over to Ben Helfen and David Lamont of Counter Culture Coffee for a special competition. This will replace the normally scheduled latte art activities for the month of July. Check out the details here!

clicky click click

Hope to see you there!