A Special May TNT

Our Throwdown this month will be something special indeed.

If you’ve been around the ATL coffee scene for any length of time, you know of Ben Helfen, being the originator of the Thursday Night Throwdown.  You also know of the incredibly difficult situation that he and his wife Brooke have been dealing with in the birth and passing of their first son, Wolfgang.

The coffee community both here and abroad have been incredibly quick to respond with surrounding Ben and Brooke with love, as well as financial support.  Fundraising has gone gangbusters through the Everribbon site set up by Jason Dominy.  We will not be taking up any donations in place of the pot when there’s an incredibly successful fundraising method already in place.  Here’s what we do ask though:  bring your love.  We would like notes, letters, doodles, small gifts, words of encouragement, any token of love written or otherwise from all of you Atlanta TNT’ers that we can pass on to Ben and the Helfen family.

We’re going to have a good night.  We’re going to pour crazy latte art, laugh, joke, and have a great time, because that’s the way it should be.  8pm signups will begin, 9pm pouring will start.  $5 to pour.  I want to see everyone there!


Spring Break 2011 TNT!

Ladies and gents, there’s so much good stuff going on at this month’s TNT.

First of all, if you’re into pre-gaming and tailgating, Aly and Julia will be outside with the grill cooking hot dogs, brats, and vegan friendly sausages out on the Octane patio!  They’ll be firing up around 5PM, and will go until the wieners run out.  That paired with a Thursday $2 draft will set the evening off right.

EDIT:  The cookout portion of TNT will have to be cancelled, but the rest of the night is still on!  Just wiener-less.  See below.

Octane has been featuring beers from the Hitachino Nest brewery in Japan during the month of April, and a portion of the sales are going to earthquake/tsunami relief.  Hitachino is actually shutting down production to produce clean bottled water for the Japanese people, so we are supporting their cause by drinking their delicious brews while they’re still available!

TNT will be hooking up with the Japan relief as well.  The standard entry fee will be $5, but any extra money donated by competitors signing up will go directly towards our donation to Japan aid.  So, bring your generosity as well as your latte art swag!  Sign ups at 8PM, pouring at 9PM, cook-outs and beer until then.  The weather will be beautiful!

SERBC 2011 Throwdown / Welcome Party!

February’s TNT will be coinciding with the 2011 SERBC, and Octane will once again be proud to host the event.

Since most of us will have very busy days starting on Friday, we’re going to get things started a little earlier than normal.  With that said, sign-ups will start at 7, pouring will start around 8, but perhaps sooner if we fill the competitor slots quickly.

As usual, the price to throwdown will be $5, and the winner will take home all the cash in the pot, as well as a special trophy.  Also be sure to bring extra dough for beer/wine/cocktails and your favorite bartender.

So come to the ATL February 10th, and bring your best, coffee people!

TNT Winter Break

There will be no January TNT, so don’t show up!  (Unless you still want to enjoy $2 drafts, of course)

We’re planning a bigger, better gig for the week of SERBC.  We will have more details on this as soon as SERBC dates and schedule is announced, so stay tuned!

If you’re looking for extracurricular barista fun that week, check out the Manual Brew Battle at the Batdorf roastery, January 16th, 7pm.  Do it!

TNT Holiday Edition!


Thursday Night Throwdown for the month of December in just a week!

The winner will be taking home a beautifully wrapped TNT-style present.  To find out what it is, and to try to win it, show up and bring $5 for the pot, and extra cash for merry beverages and your bartenders.

Sign ups at 8pm, pouring starts at 9.  Bring it!

World Cup style TNT!

In honor of that little thing called the World Cup starting Friday, we’ll be doing a World Cup style throwdown Thursday! It’s going to be AWESOME.

Basically how it will work:
• 4 groups stages
• Everyone throws down against everyone else in the group
• Two judges, so possibility of draws in group stage
• 3 points for a win, 1 point for draw
• Top two from each group go on to the knockout stage

Still working out logistics, but i’m not sure i’ve been so excited to execute a throwdown in my life…

8PM, Octane Westside. BE THERE.

TNT at Emory Octane this Thursday!